Monday, February 16, 2009

I found the neatest vintage wool blankets at an estate sale. There is a wide red, a yellow and a blue stripe on either end and the main body is a lovely shade of cream. It's heavy, but felted nicely, so I can envision all sorts of big bags. They could be shopping bags, but really, the vintage fabric is too special for that. I like to go to beach on Lake Superior, I think they would work for that. Not the bag I load up with all the gorgeous rocks I find, but the bag that carries the wine and blanket and cheese. Well, here is the first one......, the twin will have a blue stripe. My husband, the woodworker, made the awesome button.

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  1. I love the bags, Gail! They are really nice. I just checked out your shop (which I haven't done in awhile) you've added some really awesome things! I love the "Lily Said" bag. The felted flower is beautiful. I'm also impressed with the tags you are sewing into your purses. Way to go! :)