Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wool Felted Brooches

I have not perfected them by any means, but my first attempts were enjoyable. I have had lots of interest in brooches, so I will keep experimenting til I arrive at somewhere that makes me smile.
If I do birds, someone asks for flowers, if I do flowers someone asks for birds, so I do what the wool says.

These brooches can have a pin back or a velcro back or can be thread tacked to a purse, hat, sweater, scarf, almost anything. Check out the purple purse on Etsy. It has a brooch attached. The brooch is made of cottons mostly, but is certainly funky.

This style has been the most popular so far.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wool is Warm!!

During this month, working with wool is especially nice! Its warming properties are quite an advantage. Take this warm looking wool wrap around skirt. It provides a lot of fabric without sleeves or collars, etc. to work around or incorporate! I will be designing a uniquely styled messenger bag from this piece.

January is a great time to take stock of my inventory. These tubs contain cotton pieces that I use for linings mostly.
This cabinet has lots of unique cottons that could be turned into bags or whatever I dream up.
I have a new cedar lined closet for my wool sweaters. I probably have 150 wool sweaters and jackets and skirts.

January is also the time to start re-evaluating methods of marketing. I will look for new art shows, choose some old favorites, and find some new ways to share my creations.

Since most of my creations are from repurposed textiles, shows like Green With Indie and Strangefolk in the St. Louis area are perfect. Everyone gets so excited when you tell them an item is 100% recycled! Everyday I strive to use less, reuse more, buy more wisely and REPURPOSE. It's fun.