Monday, September 20, 2010

Patches for Strangefolk

I'm getting ready to travel to St. Louis this coming weekend for the Strangefolk Festival!  I am taking many new creations.  Hat and Mitten sets are some of my favorites.  As you will see, the colors and textures and patterns on the wool sweaters I find to recycle are so inspiring.  But, this past weekend, I had fun creating a group of patches.  I dredged the idea from the back of my brain.  Several years ago, my husband needed me to cover up an area on a shirt he loved to wear. I searched the internet and did eventually find something  that would work as a patch, expensive though!......but now, I have some IDEAS for making unique, original patches, even custom designed patched if requested!

This elephant is one of a series of patches.  The elephants were originally part of a piece of fabric made in India.  The garment made of the fabric was no longer serviceable.  I stitched the elephants onto pieces of heavy, woven wool from a blanket.  The Patch can be sewn onto a garment, messenger bag or used as a decoration on a pillow or.....use your imagination.  It can sewn on by hand using contrasting or matching yarn and a blanket stitch or sewn on by machine.

The piece of wool used in this hat and mitten set has lots of texture especially in the raised dots.
The heathery green wool used for this hat and mitten set is very unusual.  It is very Limey!

If you are near St. Louis, Saturday or Sunday, you culd come see the 150 vendors of indie art, the great food booths and the super  bands.  Check it out on their website:   Strangefolk 

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